If you’ve been searching for solutions to unresolved physical or emotional health concerns, I’ve got you covered. A certified life coach, Food Over Medicine instructor and Fulbright scholar, I also have expertise in nutritional supplements and specialized training in grief and loss. I can help you recognize what’s contributing to your current situation and help you cut through the confusion that can come from doctors, partners, colleagues, family, friends and social media--those competing voices that may keep you from hearing your own voice, from listening to your own body and choosing to do what feels right for you.

The ARC to Wellness™ is founded on three integrated principles: Awareness, Reflection, Choice.

If you’ve been bouncing from your family doctor to some lab for tests, then off to see one specialist after another before circling back to your doctor still in pain and discomfort, you're not alone. And with each diagnosis comes a pharmaceutical driven protocol that masks the symptoms your body is producing to signal you that something is going wrong. Medicating symptoms also suppresses your immune system, mucks up your hormones and increases your toxic load while failing to address the root causes of the problem. One pill leads to another, to the next appointment and the next—a demoralizing chase after a different diagnosis and the prescription that goes along with it until you’ve lost control over your own health. More and more people find themselves on this medical merry-go-round often feeling unheard and getting no resolution at all. Call me if this rings a bell but you’d really like to change the tune!

There is no single path to wellness. I can help you find yours.

Bringing a flexible approach, cross-disciplinary training and multi-cultural experience into coaching enables me to work with you wherever you are right now. Physical ailments are often connected to underlying emotional concerns and emotional issues can manifest as physical problems. Our physical and our emotional selves both need attention in order for us to feel whole. 

 No matter how challenging life may seem right now, options are always available as long as you’re open to becoming more informed and willing to make decisions for yourself. Offering practical solutions and personal support, I will listen to your story without judgment and help you begin to make choices that led to you feeling better about yourself and your future.


If you're ready for positive change, let's talk.